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Privacy Policy

The Web site of the Law Offices of Maximilian R. Peterson does not attempt or seek to collect personally identifiable information about you, nor do we use browser cookies, scripts (for example, JavaScript), or other techniqes to track your navigation or use of our Web site. Please note, however, that third-party service-providers, for example, our Web-hosting provider, might collect or track information about you while you visit this Web site, such as your IP address, HTTP-header user agent, date and time of access, and the resource(s) you access. That information might under some circumstances reveal one or more of: your location, your organization, your identity, the type and specifics of your computing device, and the type and specifics of your network.

As we explain in detail in our Terms of Use, we generally request that you do not send us any confidential, proprietary, or privileged information, by e-mail or otherwise. Please feel free, however, to contact us if you experience any problems using this Web site, or have any suggestions or comments. If you send us an e-mail, please note that we may store and retain the e-mail for archival purposes and to facilitate responding to you.

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